Clinical Supervision


Dr. Avilés offers clinical supervision for mental health professionals to provide evaluation and/or psychotherapy services for transgender and gender non-binary individuals.  Alternatively, mental health providers that would like to be prepared to address these topics with their clients should they present in therapy, can benefit from the clinical supervision process without specializing in gender therapy.


 Clinical supervision is an essential strategy for the formation of professionals that work with transgender and gender non-binary individuals.  Dr. Avilés combines the following models of supervision: Skills Development Model and Cognitive Behavioral Model.


During clinical supervision, Dr. Avilés assists the supervisee in the process of learning, comprehending and integrating assessment methods and therapy models to help this community.   Dr. Avilés emphasizes the use of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care for the diagnosis and treatment of persons with gender dysphoria.  Furthermore, she promotes the integration of therapeutic models which can allow the client address their gender dysphoria, as well as other issues (For example, depression, anxiety, trauma, use of substances, sexual dysfunctions, etc.).


 Dr. Avilés provides clinical supervision for individuals and groups. The process of clinical supervision may be carried out in person, by phone, and/or via the internet.


 For more information about the clinical supervision process and to coordinate a clinical supervision session, please contact Dr. Avilés at 413-657-6104 or send an email to





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