Transcending Identities offers specialized consulting services for the following entities who want to provide ethical, respectful and inclusive services to the transgender and gender non-binary employee and community:


 •Corporations & businesses


 •Private and non-profit institutions & organizations


 •Clinics & hospitals


•Private practices (e.g., mental health, medical, and legal practices)



The consulting services include, but are not limited to:


•An in-depth evaluation of the organization's needs.


•Professional recommendations for a viable plan to ensure the organization is providing quality services to transgender and gender non-binary individuals and respecting their transgender and gender non- binary employees' rights.


 •Implementation of the plan and continuity of proposed plan with scheduled monthly follow-ups.


If you or your organization wishes to communicate with Dr. Eunice Avilés, please contact her at                         413-657-6104 or at







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